The tasks of the Institute are directed towards:

• Strengthening of cooperation and friendship between the geo sciences through the organization of scientific meetings, conferences, congresses, conferences, roundtables, and publishing of scientific and professional journals, publications, collections and books;

• Strengthening the capacities available through the dissemination of knowledge, academic and professional expertise of members of the Association with the interested audience from Southeastern Europe and beyond;

• Improve knowledge and skills of Government, NGOs and other social structures in Southeast Europe in order to upgrade the institutional structures of geo-fields and geo information-data through organization of dedicated trainings in cooperation with institutions and experts from the region and beyond;

• Enhancing regional cooperation through networking and communication with other geo associations and organizations with similar goals and objectives in the countries of Southeast Europe and all countries all over the world through the exchange of practices, experiences and joint organization of events with a regional-international-global importance.




The funds for the work of the Institute may be provided through: membership fees, donations, grants, gifts, contributions, sponsorships and incomes from professional and other activities of the association.

All incoming funds must go through the Institute bank acount:

Bank name Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje,Branch office: Chair
Bank address Str Ferid Bajram, br.48,1000 SkopjeMacedonia (FYRoM)
Beneficiary – account holder Geo-SEE Institute (South-East European Research Institute on Geo Sciences)
Beneficiary address Str. Djon Kenedi, 25/1-d31000 SkopjeMacedonia (FYRoM)
IBAN MK07300701003027046
Account no. (for national transfers) 300-0000036339-47
Details of charges OUR (Full amount for international bank transfer should be covered by payer)